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Perfect quilt blocks. Every time.

First Box: July 2022

Shipping: July 2022

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With our monthly subscription, you'll discover the life-changing simplicity of piecing and quilting in-the-hoop.

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Enjoy piecing and quilting
in-the-hoop with perfect points, corners and 1/4" seams.

Receive your Perfectly Pieced subscription every month to your doorstep OR email inbox.

Spark your creativity with different block sizes and endless tumble possibilities.

Enjoy endless "Tumbles" For Unlimited projects!

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Receive embroidery files, instructions, and additional resources in your email inbox. Everything is downloadable and permanently stored in your M.E. Time Digital Library.


Receive all digital files PLUS full-color printed instructions, a curated fabric kit, and a coordinating spool of thread in a collectible Perfectly Pieced box.

What can I expect?

Beautiful patterns & designs

Background quilting files

Endless tumble configurations

Perfect in-the-hoop points & corners

Four block sizes (2", 4", 6", 8")

A growing library of designs

"Perfectly Pieced is a total game-changer. Gone is my frustration in lining up quilt block points! I just can't believe how easy this is. I'm thrilled with my results and look forward to a creative new project every month!"